Weather in Me / Fear (2019)
4-channel video installation, loop 

Fear is one of the main underlying emotions and can be related to the unconditional human strive for survival. The installation audio-visually analyses the fear in different appearances–before, during, after the state of fear, as well as being the fear itself. The emotions here are understood as uncontrollable and can be compared to events happening in nature; such as wind, rain and fog. 

Project is inspired by Timothy Morton ideas about Hyperobjects such as climate change and sound. He states that “distance is only a psychic and ideological construct designed to protect me from the nearness of things.” Video-installation reflects it through emotional states that oscillate with external factors, such as climate warming and forces of nature.

Timothy Morton writes that strange, uncanny feelings come together with Hyperobjects. “They are already here”, like a suddenly appearing evil character in David Lynch’s Mullholand Drive; that was a reference for one of the video-portrait, that was representing Fear Itself.

The chosen number of portraits four refers to natural cycles, like four seasons of the year or four phases of the moon. The project pays attention to the circularity of natural events, that do not necessarily have a certain linear goal. The soundtrack of the video installation includes the transformed piece Cycles (1902) of the profound Lithuanian composer Mykalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis.

Direction, camera, editing: Dovile Aleksaite
Sound design: Christian Obermaier