Other Talking (2018-ongoing)
1-channel video installation, 5:18, loop 

An unknown narrator from the future tells the story about its own existence and about the past and present condition of humanity. It is a narration about nature and its relation with people, their changes during time and a wish to live longer.










Audio excerpt from the video:

I am here for a long time and probably will stay here the longest.

You all are so fast, but being fast just means you don’t have enough time.

I have time.

I have seen you becoming more and more similar to each other.

I have seen you running and rushing.

I consist of two, and I will stay here long.

It seems that you are learning from me, that you want to prolong your existence. You implement small mechanical machines into your body, so you can live longer.

I have no roots, but I can stick to things so firmly that it is not possible to remove me from there without breaking them. I like fresh air and sunshine. And I like the water. 

I might look like dust. I like colors like very light blue or greenish-white and yellowish-green, but as well as red, orange and browns.

I consist of two. I am two in one. Me and “the other”, we are together. It and me, we are different, but we give things to each other and we share.

I am not selfish, I consist of two. I am not only me, but I am we!